November Musings – Nanowrimo and website update

As some of you know November 1 is the beginning of Nanowrimo. This means my posts during this month will be minimal if it all while I work on the revisions for Natural Rebirth (I have to deal with some writing speed bumps involving some rather important scenes, for example huge battle scene that is taking a lot of preplanning to figure out how to do well) I invite visitors at that time to peruse through the archives of the blog, especially the sections on the Fae that will be introduced in the novel itself. I have also updated the information on the Fae I added here, to the website itself (hoping the pages don’t look too cluttered, and that links work). Feel free to visit and let me know if there’s any problems on the site, especially with the new content I’ve added.

Starting in December (though I promise to continue working on the rough draft of Natural Rebirth) I will also be adding information on some of the research I’ve been doing (been working on for nearly a decade) of the YA (lgbt) fantasy series that has been poking me mercilessly lately to give it a lot more attention that I have been. It’s important to note that this series is it in a completely different world setting than anything else I’ve done within the Guardian Circle. I’m still debating whether or not I consider it part of the Guardian Circle itself because it’s so different in world setting, however, the ideology is similar enough in a lot of cases, as are the “morality lessons” I may consider it part of the Circle just on a different planet far, far away from our own, or maybe even an age on earth after the humans that exists here now are long dead and gone.


What a week!

I have to admit the last couple weeks have been very frustrating for me. With Natural Order coming out on October 1, and me not having done any marketing for any books for a couple years now, there was a lot of prep work to do. The advantage to that is now that I have the groundwork set up future marketing for other novels is going to be easier. The disadvantage is I was spending so much time feeding the marketing beast that I had little to no time left to actually write.

A few days ago, just as I was about to do the read over on Natural Rebirth so I could start finishing the last few chapters, edits came in for Shadow Magic (the sequel to Ancestral Magic). As of today I’ve got the first run edits done on  Shadow Magic, and I am about through chapter 6 on my read through of Natural Rebirth. I admit when I first wrote the rough draft a while back and when I did the reorg of the chapters a month or so ago, I wasn’t really sure if I was happy with the way the novel was going. Now that I’ve had a little time away and I’m able to read through what I have so far, I’m happier with the story. I’ve got about eight more chapters to read through and clean up, and I think probably about five more chapters to write, but my goal of finishing the novel (the first draft at least) by October 1 doesn’t seem so far-fetched anymore.

Part of me wishes I’d been able to blog more this past week or so, but I imagine once the first book is released and I’m stressing less about the whole thing, finding things to say here will be easier. It’s possible that trying to theme certain days is making me feel limited rather than my original intent of giving me a plan, so I might keep things here a little bit more free form for a while. I did recently replace my academic datebook, so I finally have a way of keeping track of what I’m supposed to do on each day, so that might help, too.

I’m hoping soon, however I decide to do it, to start seeing people comment on the posts here. It’s a lot more exciting and engaging to talk when you know you are have an audience listening and interacting with you. Here’s hoping as this blog grows and my books become available to a wider audience of people, that I will see more people come here to have conversations with.

Writing update – Natural Rebirth

Normally Mondays are my day to talk about writing tools, but lately the most crucial piece of technology to help me write are the fans in my room. It’s been so hot I can barely think, but I did manage to revise and write a total of over 25,000 words over the past few days, nearly 10,000 of them were newly written. I sent the first four chapters off to my first beta reader, and prepping the next two to send hopefully by the end of tomorrow. I got most of I think about 12 chapters written, but most the rest need extra scenes added and some heavy cleanup. The scenes I did need to reorganize seem to be in much better places now and have led to some new scenes that help with transitions. I’m dealing with a speed bump in one of those transitions now in chapter 5. I think the next four chapters after that are pretty good save a bit of cleanup, so once I get past the speedbump everything after that should come pretty quickly. One of the coolest things is that I talked to my publisher and Natural Rebirth already has a placeholder to be published in 2017. Must be a good sign that my publisher liked my other work. It is definitely a heavy motivator to work on the novel knowing that I have that kind of support from my publisher. This may mean that I won’t do as much of the scheduled blogging as I planned due to the need to focus on writing, but to make up for it I might slip in a sneak peek. Keep y’all posted.

Writing Project Process #1: Plotting Natural Rebirth

Don’t know if this is going to be a regular Tuesday subject or just something I talk about when the mood strikes me, but I thought as I’m working on a current project I could talk about what I do to prepare. I guess it’s not fully always in the creative or tech end of things, but just the things I need to do to get my brain to prepare for writing. Like right now I’m getting ready to work on revisions on the sequel to Natural Order, so I’m not exactly starting from the beginning but it’s been long enough since I worked on the project because of too many reasons to go into, then I’m looking at doing some heavy rewrites and reorganization of what I’ve written so far.

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