Thinking Thoughts: Monsters and Grieving

Every day, for several months now, my thoughts have been filled with disease; the invisible monsters that attack healthy, vital members of our families and our communities. Unstoppable monsters that seem to thrive on suffering and despair. Perhaps to many this seems an over dramatic point of view on the subject of disease, perhaps just my odd way of viewing the world we live in and the world as it connects to the stories I write. All these things may be true, but that is not stopped these thoughts from claiming so much of my mind that sometimes it’s hard to think of anything else.

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Thinky Thoughts – More about Marketing and Reviews.

On a couple of the Facebook author and reader groups I’m part of the readers have been sharing their frustration with the marketing habits of some of the authors. I thought giving voice to those frustrations was important. Especially for small press authors, and heck even with the big presses nowadays, there’s a lot of pressure on an author to take on the task of promoting their work themselves. The trouble is, some authors are posting the same promo(s) several times a day on the same groups, which honestly is having the opposite effect that I’m sure they want. Instead of creating “the seven times so the consumer remembers” exposure that all the marketing advice places say that we need to have, these authors are literally turning readers off of their work because of overexposure. This got me to thinking…

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