Update: Off Topic: Self Care – Face Care

I tried the face care regiment for a couple days using natural products, but I was getting this horrendous breakout along my chin and down my neck. My face was fine for the most part, or at least it didn’t have the red blotches there that my chin and neck had. I did notice my face seemed particularly bumpy, like lots of pimples under the skin, which was worrisome. I stopped doing the face care stuff to try to figure out what was going on.

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Off Topic: Self Care – Face Care

As I get older I’ve noticed I start to develop melasma on my cheeks. I’m assuming some of it has to do with thyroid issues, added to the fact that I go out and work in the sun gently without using sunscreen. One of the advantages of being Cherokee is I’ve not really ever had to worry about using sunscreen. Except for the area around where my glasses are, unless I do something like fall asleep in direct hard-core sunlight for several hours, I don’t generally burn.

Apparently my skin is far more sun sensitive as I get older, or it might have to do with the meds I’m taking. I had what’s called Graves Disease for nearly two decades ago and they radiated my thyroid (it took two tries) so I haven’t had a working thyroid since then. I take synthetic thyroid hormones and have for all these years. So yeah, there’s a good chance sun sensitivity as I can older has developed. This means I’m being forced into more closely considering my habits around skin care, especially when it comes to protecting my skin against the sun.

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