Today’s Plans: Publisher to the Rescue

Well, I was supposed to do some housecleaning today, but my publisher sent the final proof for the e-book version of Natural Order so now I have a completely justifiable excuse to do something else besides cleaning. This is extra exciting for me because none of my novels have ever been out in e-book form before (the few novellas I’ve written, yes, but not my novels). When I originally wrote Natural Order e-books were not the big thing they are now. What excites me most is the idea of having a completely new market of readers, people that prefer e-books only for various reasons, who now have access to reading my work in e-book format. I’m extra specially glad that Natural Order will be the first novel in e-book form, sense is the first novel I ever wrote, and the first in the prequel series of the world created through Guardian Circle. Natural Order is not just where the story of a very important event in the history of the Guardian Circle begins, but it’s also where my journey as an author really sprouted wings and took flight. I often tell people if they want to blame somebody for my addiction to writing, they should blame Nisi Shawl and K Tempest Bradford who fired me up that day at Wiscon so many years ago to stop wishing someone wrote the sort of paranormal fiction I wanted so badly to read, and just shut up and write it myself. I did just that and I will never be the same. All this started with this novel.