Today’s Plans: Publisher to the Rescue

Well, I was supposed to do some housecleaning today, but my publisher sent the final proof for the e-book version of Natural Order so now I have a completely justifiable excuse to do something else besides cleaning. This is extra exciting for me because none of my novels have ever been out in e-book form before (the few novellas I’ve written, yes, but not my novels). When I originally wrote Natural Order e-books were not the big thing they are now. What excites me most is the idea of having a completely new market of readers, people that prefer e-books only for various reasons, who now have access to reading my work in e-book format. I’m extra specially glad that Natural Order will be the first novel in e-book form, sense is the first novel I ever wrote, and the first in the prequel series of the world created through Guardian Circle. Natural Order is not just where the story of a very important event in the history of the Guardian Circle begins, but it’s also where my journey as an author really sprouted wings and took flight. I often tell people if they want to blame somebody for my addiction to writing, they should blame Nisi Shawl and K Tempest Bradford who fired me up that day at Wiscon so many years ago to stop wishing someone wrote the sort of paranormal fiction I wanted so badly to read, and just shut up and write it myself. I did just that and I will never be the same. All this started with this novel.


New Beginnings

I admit it’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog, and I think it’s high time to change that. The past several years have brought a lot of changes for me. Right after the release of my 3rd novel my publisher, PD Publishing, made the decision to close their doors which left me in a period of creative mourning, dreading the idea of shopping my stories around in hopes of finding a decent publisher willing to reprint them so I could continue both series as well as publish the other novels I was working on. At the same time I was going to school to get a degree, a nontraditional student in a sea of freshfaced students right out of high school. Many days this left me emotionally drained, or simply mentally depleted, not knowing what to even talk about.

In the past year, however, I have found a new home for all three novels; Natural Order, Ancestral Magic, and Worlds Collide, as well as the sequel to Ancestral Magic, titled Shadow Magic. I have also graduated with honors and received the degree I worked so hard for. Now while I get some breaths and recharge my batteries prior to the great job hunt, I find myself in a better place to open up ad to talk to people about myself, my art, and the world I created through these characters.

I welcome all who venture here and hope you find things that stir your own creativity, or perhaps make you think about how you view the world around you. I will do my best to keep topics here perhaps less political and intense than what you might find on my Facebook. I’m a person of very strong opinions, and even when I share those opinions here that doesn’t mean anyone who visits here has to  agree with me. I do ask all visitors remain respectful of each other, and come here with an open mind and open heart.