Throwback Thursday: Freedom

I haven’t written poetry is a super long time. This is a poem from autumn of 2004. I ran across it doing some paper purging today and found it suited my most recent mood quite well. This is the first time I’ve shared this poem publicly.

Spin and whirl, cry out in frenzy
I dance the wild dance of chaos
Peace and war come from the darkness
I am entropy, the dark mistress of time

I am the end and the beginning
Burn and grow, death and life
I hold my death child in my womb
Silent stalker, gentle comfort

Wrath and vengeance, nothing and all
My children’s pain and anger fill me
None that violate me and mine shall escape
As the blood of the wicked cover my blades, I smile

Primal scream, loud and long
Feel it, be it, let it go
The time is me and I have come
Free us
Free us
Destroy it and live again

Come join me and understand
Freed from fear and board anew