“Cyber Monday” Contest

NaturalOrderStarting today and going through to the end of Sunday the 13th, I’m to have a contest for an ebook copy of Natural Order. To enter all you have to do is tool around the new website and comment here in this blog post with feedback. It can be something you liked, a mistake you found, or suggestions you have to make the site better (Just a heads up, I have yet to figure out how to get the search engine to work on the site, so no comments saying “the search engine doesn’t work”, because I know that, however if you happen to know how to get a search to work using Dreamweaver or just HTML code please let me know. Make sure you dumb the explanation down because I’m still learning this coding crap.).

This also includes if people want to explore the site and/or blog, and respond with feedback on both or either. On that Monday after (the 14th) I will put names in my hat, and will have my daughter bring in her new rat friends to choose 1-3 names from my hat to win an e-book (we have epub, mobi, and pdf formats). The number number of final winners I’ll be choosing from will depend on how many people proticipate over the week, so if you want more chances for people to win, then feel free to invite your friends to join in the fun. Good luck


November Musings – Nanowrimo and website update

As some of you know November 1 is the beginning of Nanowrimo. This means my posts during this month will be minimal if it all while I work on the revisions for Natural Rebirth (I have to deal with some writing speed bumps involving some rather important scenes, for example huge battle scene that is taking a lot of preplanning to figure out how to do well) I invite visitors at that time to peruse through the archives of the blog, especially the sections on the Fae that will be introduced in the novel itself. I have also updated the information on the Fae I added here, to the website itself (hoping the pages don’t look too cluttered, and that links work). Feel free to visit and let me know if there’s any problems on the site, especially with the new content I’ve added.

Starting in December (though I promise to continue working on the rough draft of Natural Rebirth) I will also be adding information on some of the research I’ve been doing (been working on for nearly a decade) of the YA (lgbt) fantasy series that has been poking me mercilessly lately to give it a lot more attention that I have been. It’s important to note that this series is it in a completely different world setting than anything else I’ve done within the Guardian Circle. I’m still debating whether or not I consider it part of the Guardian Circle itself because it’s so different in world setting, however, the ideology is similar enough in a lot of cases, as are the “morality lessons” I may consider it part of the Circle just on a different planet far, far away from our own, or maybe even an age on earth after the humans that exists here now are long dead and gone.