Update: Off Topic: Self Care – Face Care

I tried the face care regiment for a couple days using natural products, but I was getting this horrendous breakout along my chin and down my neck. My face was fine for the most part, or at least it didn’t have the red blotches there that my chin and neck had. I did notice my face seemed particularly bumpy, like lots of pimples under the skin, which was worrisome. I stopped doing the face care stuff to try to figure out what was going on.

The day I got the really severe redness  and what looked like huge bug bites all over my neck and chin was the day that I used the rose oil for my moisturizing. The reaction started to go away some when I washed the oil off my face, so I assumed the oil had just gone bad. The next day I did the honey cleanse again and use the witch hazel toner mixed with rosewater. Once again I had a reaction, though it was milder. I knew that I had used witch hazel many times the past by itself and had never had an allergic reaction to it. Because of this, I cleansed my face again with just plain witch hazel, and that seemed to lessen the reaction.

At this point I suspected the rose was the problem, but I always thought of rose being hypoallergenic, in fact very often it’s used to treat skin having allergy issues. It took several days for me to find time to do the research, but I ran across the information early this morning. I came to learn some people have skin reactions to the use of rose, even if they can drink rosewater no problem. I’m pretty sure this where my skin reaction came from. So now I’m back to only using rosewater for my rosewater lemonade and other cooking.

I’m giving up on the skin care thing, but just to change up what I plan to use, and do a little more trial and error. Now that I know that the rose was the problem (I hadn’t done anything face care wise for a couple days because fear of more breakouts) I’m good to go back to the original plan of cleansing with honey, but I’m only going to use a plain witch hazel toner. The thing I need to consider, because I most certainly can’t use the rose oil, is what to use for the moisturizer. I think for now, just to be on the safe side, I’m going to get some plain jojobo oil and see how that works for me. Since is the closest to the oil our skin naturally produces, it should be relatively safe. I figure I’ll just chalk the experience up to a reminder to test stuff on a small area of my skin before using it all over my face.


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