Feeding the Beast – Marketing (review sites)

I’m not going to lie to y’all, I would much rather be writing then doing marketing. Writing is a lot more fun. There is a level of self-consciousness around marketing my work. I’m proud of my stories. I love sharing them, and excited when I get feedback from folks that read my stories. But it’s difficult for me to draw attention to myself in that way. A lot of times I force myself to do it, and in most cases feel like I’m trying too hard. Trouble is, without having a large publisher to do my marketing for me (nowadays that’s not always happening through the big publishers most of time) if I want people to read stories I write I to talk about them, and I have to hope that people like my stories enough to talk about them as well.

I started working on rebuilding the site that went away after my last publisher closed their doors. In the meantime, since working on the website requires me to learn a lot more about Dreamweaver than I know currently, I figured a good place to start would be searching for review sites. To be honest, I would have rather done this at least three months out, rather than two months like I am, but this was the first time I can really get around to doing the research to find the sites to begin with. So far I’ve gotten a fair few places I’ve sent out the digital form of the novel today, and several more I sent out emails hoping to hear back return requests for copies of the book.

A lot of the sites I got from an author friend named Barbara Winkes and others I dug up through Google searches or callouts on Facebook groups I was part of. Not all of the ones I’m going to list are LGBT specific review sites. Some of them are paranormal or pagan based that happen to also be LGBT friendly. I just thought I’d pass the information along in case anyone was looking for sites to send books for review, or to go to find reviews to read. There are a lot more review sites out there but these the ones I know that allow authors or publishers to request reviews specifically. I will update this post as I add review sites to the list. Please let me know if you come across any more for me to add, or if you noticed any of the links have gone dead.

2 Bibliophiles Guide
Coffee Time Romance
C-Spot Reviews
Inked Rainbow Reads
Garside’s Book Bets
Lesbian Book Review
Lesbian Fiction Reviews
Lesbian Reading Room
Lynn Lawler’s Book Blog
Mary D Reviews
Piercing Fiction: Straight Arrow Reviews
Prism Book Alliance
Rainbow Book Reviews
Rainbow Gold Reviews
The Lesbrary
The Rainbow Hub


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