Writer’s Process: Editing and Thinking Thoughts

I’ve got about eleven chapters in the rough draft stage for Natural Rebirth so far, and now I’m going over each one to do some initial cleanup. This means every so often I run across a note I made for myself on a creative speedbump that I didn’t want to let slow down the creative process. While I do the editing, it also gives me time to think about how to address these notes. A lot of them is a name I need to find for a character, or a minor bit of research that needs to be done. Right now the speedbump I’m dealing with is the name of a farmer of a family friend of the Archiquettes that Beth is being taken to for a visit. The farm needs a name.

Being that the owner, Janice Lupo (working name), is originally from Mexico I like the idea of the farm name being in Spanish. So far we’ve got Generosidad de la Madre (Mother’s Bounty), Cambio de Luna (Changing Moon), Abrazo La Diosa (The Goddess’ Embrace), and Tierra de La Diosa or Suelo de la Diosa (Land of the Goddess) . What makes a farm special is not just that it’s a small organic homestead, but that the owner fosters abandoned and orphaned clan children (my shape shifters) as well does a lot of work with local kids in the area.

Names are important to me. I’ll spent hours agonizing over some character name, even minor ones, until I choose something that works. Often times the right name works wonders in giving me a deep feeling and understanding of the character is a right, whereas the wrong name can cause huge issues in my writing process. It’s weird I know, but it’s just how my brain works. In the case of the farm name the name is especially important because there’s a good chance it will be used as a book title in the future if I choose to focus on this character in her own story. Just one more oddity to how my writers brain works.


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