Writing update – Natural Rebirth

Normally Mondays are my day to talk about writing tools, but lately the most crucial piece of technology to help me write are the fans in my room. It’s been so hot I can barely think, but I did manage to revise and write a total of over 25,000 words over the past few days, nearly 10,000 of them were newly written. I sent the first four chapters off to my first beta reader, and prepping the next two to send hopefully by the end of tomorrow. I got most of I think about 12 chapters written, but most the rest need extra scenes added and some heavy cleanup. The scenes I did need to reorganize seem to be in much better places now and have led to some new scenes that help with transitions. I’m dealing with a speed bump in one of those transitions now in chapter 5. I think the next four chapters after that are pretty good save a bit of cleanup, so once I get past the speedbump everything after that should come pretty quickly. One of the coolest things is that I talked to my publisher and Natural Rebirth already has a placeholder to be published in 2017. Must be a good sign that my publisher liked my other work. It is definitely a heavy motivator to work on the novel knowing that I have that kind of support from my publisher. This may mean that I won’t do as much of the scheduled blogging as I planned due to the need to focus on writing, but to make up for it I might slip in a sneak peek. Keep y’all posted.


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