Writer’s Process Speedbump Update

This is been a rough couple of days this is been a rough couple of days. As I mentioned earlier this week I went to grab my map of the farm during a break from the Fae research I was doing, and come to find out the map is missing. It originally took me several weeks to that map. In about two days, with lots of hours invested scrolling through Natural Order to check location of buildings and landmarks to keep consistency, I have the overall map for the farm.

Now I still need to do the smaller more localized maps for each of the important buildings and such, but frankly I’m amazed that I got this thing done as quickly as I did. Remind me next week to talk about Photoshop under author tools, because without it I couldn’t have managed this. I’m still tooling and tweaking the main map, but it’s far more detailed and frankly nicer now that I know how to use Photoshop than it ever has been for. Plus now it’s all scanned in (I had to scan in 12 pages of hand drawings on graph paper and then delete all the little lines) so no worries about losing it in the future.

I’m even making a list after marking the location of different trees, berries, and other plants so I know where on the map to send characters when they go to harvest certain things. Along with the other work I did on setting notes for my binder to make life easier for me in the future writing the series, setting stuff at least is going to be relatively painless. After the heavy work I did on the character data files, I think all the work I’ve done in the past couple weeks on this is really going to pay off when I start working on Natural Rebirth again. I’ve recently got poked by both my publisher and readers to hurry up and finish that darn sequel, anything to make that easier is awesome.

As soon as I finish the nitpicky stuff, and figure out how to insert an image so you can open it to a larger image in the post, I’ll share the map of the rest of you as well just you can see how ridiculous I got. If folks are interested I can also share a list of the trees on the farm as well as their healing and magical uses.


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