Writing Tools #2: iPad and Marvin

I admit I wasn’t entirely sure what to focus on today, so I sent the message out to Lesfic Unbound to see what tech folks there just can’t live without as writers, and as readers. I got a couple responses so far, and I’m sure more will come in later. One person they gave me an interesting answer I want to share from Fletcher DeLancey, author of The Chronicles of Alsea series. If you like sci-fi, I recommend you check her stuff out.

Several of the folks mentioned iPads, which Fletcher says she uses for reading only rather than writing. Now I admit I do not currently have an iPad, but she manages a couple programs used for reading books that I thought it might be interesting to look into. Dropbox and Marvin. She says Marvin is a fabulous ereader for epubs, with tons of customization options. Now dropbox I’ve used while I was in school for sharing files and for storing pictures, so I suppose it would work as well for storing e-books. Now I know the theme for Monday’s is supposed to be writing tools, but honestly if you want to be a good writer you have to be a voracious reader.

I looked up Marvin and it’s an Apple application that’s available for free download. I tooled around and looked at several reviews and blog posts about Marvin, and the comments seem mostly positive. I used to use my Kindle for reading e-books and my Nook, that was until my Kindle stopped taking a charge. The Nook works okay but it tends to switch page orientation if I lean the wrong way, and scrolling can be a little clunky.

Now Fletcher uses Marvin on a Mac product but I was glad to see when I looked into it that Marvin is also available for the PC. I I went to download the app and found out it wasn’t free (maybe it used to be), and that it actually costs $3.99. I figure 4 bucks for something that seems to get good reviews is worth the experiment. Thing is when I went to download it the download said it’s only for the iPad or iPhone. The stuff online said something by using the app on the PC.

So it looks like I will remain curious about Marvin like until I can afford to get an iPad since my cell phone is a PC phone not an iPhone. It looks like it’s pretty decent, so it’s that the going on my wish list for when I actually do get an iPad.

Fletcher also mentioned as a writer she uses Scrivener on her Mac computer, and I’ve had some experience with that, that topic is for another post.

I will leave you with a video I found of someone explaining Marvin and promised that as soon as I get the ability to try out the app, I will do a post letting y’all know what I think of it.


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