Writer’s Process-Speed Bumps

Sometimes when are working on a project, or preparing to start a project, you come across those all annoying speedups. It could be a lost file, forgotten resource, any number of things that bring what you had planned on working on to a screeching halt. I know some people what across the speed bumps and give up on the project. I would not be one of those people. I have a rather strong stubborn streak, a passion for problem-solving, and a general need to fix shit when it goes wrong.

Today’s speedbump involves gathering up my notes for the setting as it’s been established in Natural Order and finding that the huge series of maps of the farm that I spent weeks drawing and coloring in seemed to have mysteriously vanished. The drafting tube they were in, or I think I had been storing them in that tube, was holding drawings belonging to another member of my family. Now I have a vague memory of offering that tube to her for her drawings to the question becomes where the heck the roll of maps to. I would think I would not have taken them out of the tube without having a safe place to put them, but then trying to protect her drawings for a trip I might’ve just scavenge the only thing I had figuring I would get something else for my maps later. Sometimes my generous nature can bite me in the ass later, and I’m feeling like this is one of those times.

Though I am hopeful that I will run across the drawings later, for now I am forced to the realization that I would be spending the next several days creating at least smaller usable versions of the maps for my binder so I can make sure I’m not having any consistency issues with my setting. It does mean that I’m putting aside my research on Fae folk for a bit so I can get the notes for my setting all gathered up. This time if I can get my scanner working, I’m going to scan the small versions of the maps in so I have them on my computer. I couldn’t do that with a big versions because they were gi-normous. If there’s random swearing on my Facebook you’ll know why.


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