Character Spotlight Introduction

As part of my Wednesday creative theme I’d like to do what’s called a character spotlight. I’ll focus on a particular book and choose one of the major characters to focus on that day. Now yes, like most romance books, there are one sometimes two main characters in my novels, but I do tend to surround those characters with a cast of major characters (both heroes and villains). Some of these characters I do POV chapters with, or scenes. Other characters are important to the world as a whole and may have a less central role in one novel but they have a strong effect on the series or world as a whole. All of these characters will have a spotlight, as well as their families and anybody else that I think might be interesting to focus on. Because of my limited drawing ability, for right now most of the characters will have images I’ve found close to how I imagine they look that I will include with the post. These images will likely be in black and white that way they give the reader a flavor of what the person looks like without being limited to the color of the original image. My hope is later on I will be able to either improve my drawing enough to create images of the characters themselves, or fine artist and really likes me and is willing to draw pictures for me of each character. Along with images and back story, I’ll also include some little tidbits about the character and maybe even how I came up with the character. As the series goes on I will likely do an update on the character profile with the additional changes as far as character development is having with a character to that point. I don’t want to give way too much, but I like the little surprises for my readers when I can get away with it. Hopefully you all will enjoy the character spotlights and they will help folks get to know the characters better.


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