Collecting My Thoughts

Life’s been sort of crazy since I graduated from college. Degree in hand I move forward, but with a little less insight into the path forward as I would like. There are a lot of things to think about. My kids, getting a job in the theater industry, and the looming release of the newly revised and re-edited Natural Order that’s coming out this October. There’s a website to rebuild, and I need to get much better at doing a regular blog while still keeping up with mommy duties and whatever the regular job I get requires of me. This is made me consider whether making a regular schedule of what I blog about so I don’t have to think about it too hard might be a good idea, it meaning what I’m going to talk about that day. I’d like to blog every day, and some weeks as possible, but other weeks I may only be able to get out two or three times a week.

I know I’ve been really bad about blogging at all lately, mainly because I really didn’t know what to talk about. Also my desktop did not have a copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking on it and with my carpal tunnel, even after the surgery, having a speech to text software is crucial if I want to be able to blog, and write, and do any of the other computer tech space stuff I need to do in the day. I just got a new copy of Dragon 13 today, and it is installed and working very nicely. In fact I am creating this post using it right now and I have to say Dragon 13 works a ton better than any of the previous versions I’ve used. I think I just lost one of my excuses for not blogging regularly.

Now keep in mind I am open for suggestions of anybody has things they would like to hear me talk about. Just leave comments in this post with any thoughts on this. For right now what I have come up with is the following:

Mondays I am thinking would be a good day for me to talk about writing tools, or anything else on the tech end of writing. I could talk about software, hardware, resource books, everything from the stuff that I currently use to the things that are on my wish list that I wish that I owned. I figured this way I’m not only sharing what I find useful, or things that I find useless, but I also can get feedback from people on things they’ve used that we can share with each other.

Wednesdays I was thinking would be a good day for me to talk about the creative end of things. I could talk about the races in the world I’ve created, do character spotlights, maybe even do character interviews, anything on the stuff going on in my head that has or may in the future find its way into my stories.

I thought about leaving the weekend for talking about current events but then I worry that I will get too ranty or too political, which is something I promised not to do here. I can’t say will never happen, but I’m trying very hard not to overload this space in that way. Maybe Friday I can do something absolutely frivolous, for example talk about music I like, or talk about movies I like, something that doesn’t directly involve the writing I do but shares something about myself personally. I’m sure have more ideas later, hopefully all of you will have more ideas that will get my creative energy going here. Hopefully this post hasn’t turned into rambling but I figured if nothing else it shows everybody I’m still alive and kicking. After being forced to miss GCLS this year I’ve been feeling a bit disconnected and I’m hoping this helps with that as well.


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