Update: Off Topic: Self Care – Face Care

I tried the face care regiment for a couple days using natural products, but I was getting this horrendous breakout along my chin and down my neck. My face was fine for the most part, or at least it didn’t have the red blotches there that my chin and neck had. I did notice my face seemed particularly bumpy, like lots of pimples under the skin, which was worrisome. I stopped doing the face care stuff to try to figure out what was going on.

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Thinky Thoughts – More about Marketing and Reviews.

On a couple of the Facebook author and reader groups I’m part of the readers have been sharing their frustration with the marketing habits of some of the authors. I thought giving voice to those frustrations was important. Especially for small press authors, and heck even with the big presses nowadays, there’s a lot of pressure on an author to take on the task of promoting their work themselves. The trouble is, some authors are posting the same promo(s) several times a day on the same groups, which honestly is having the opposite effect that I’m sure they want. Instead of creating “the seven times so the consumer remembers” exposure that all the marketing advice places say that we need to have, these authors are literally turning readers off of their work because of overexposure. This got me to thinking…

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Feeding the Beast – Marketing (review sites)

I’m not going to lie to y’all, I would much rather be writing then doing marketing. Writing is a lot more fun. There is a level of self-consciousness around marketing my work. I’m proud of my stories. I love sharing them, and excited when I get feedback from folks that read my stories. But it’s difficult for me to draw attention to myself in that way. A lot of times I force myself to do it, and in most cases feel like I’m trying too hard. Trouble is, without having a large publisher to do my marketing for me (nowadays that’s not always happening through the big publishers most of time) if I want people to read stories I write I to talk about them, and I have to hope that people like my stories enough to talk about them as well.

I started working on rebuilding the site that went away after my last publisher closed their doors. In the meantime, since working on the website requires me to learn a lot more about Dreamweaver than I know currently, I figured a good place to start would be searching for review sites. To be honest, I would have rather done this at least three months out, rather than two months like I am, but this was the first time I can really get around to doing the research to find the sites to begin with. So far I’ve gotten a fair few places I’ve sent out the digital form of the novel today, and several more I sent out emails hoping to hear back return requests for copies of the book.

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Off Topic: Self Care – Face Care

As I get older I’ve noticed I start to develop melasma on my cheeks. I’m assuming some of it has to do with thyroid issues, added to the fact that I go out and work in the sun gently without using sunscreen. One of the advantages of being Cherokee is I’ve not really ever had to worry about using sunscreen. Except for the area around where my glasses are, unless I do something like fall asleep in direct hard-core sunlight for several hours, I don’t generally burn.

Apparently my skin is far more sun sensitive as I get older, or it might have to do with the meds I’m taking. I had what’s called Graves Disease for nearly two decades ago and they radiated my thyroid (it took two tries) so I haven’t had a working thyroid since then. I take synthetic thyroid hormones and have for all these years. So yeah, there’s a good chance sun sensitivity as I can older has developed. This means I’m being forced into more closely considering my habits around skin care, especially when it comes to protecting my skin against the sun.

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Writer’s Process: Editing and Thinking Thoughts

I’ve got about eleven chapters in the rough draft stage for Natural Rebirth so far, and now I’m going over each one to do some initial cleanup. This means every so often I run across a note I made for myself on a creative speedbump that I didn’t want to let slow down the creative process. While I do the editing, it also gives me time to think about how to address these notes. A lot of them is a name I need to find for a character, or a minor bit of research that needs to be done. Right now the speedbump I’m dealing with is the name of a farmer of a family friend of the Archiquettes that Beth is being taken to for a visit. The farm needs a name.

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Writing update – Natural Rebirth

Normally Mondays are my day to talk about writing tools, but lately the most crucial piece of technology to help me write are the fans in my room. It’s been so hot I can barely think, but I did manage to revise and write a total of over 25,000 words over the past few days, nearly 10,000 of them were newly written. I sent the first four chapters off to my first beta reader, and prepping the next two to send hopefully by the end of tomorrow. I got most of I think about 12 chapters written, but most the rest need extra scenes added and some heavy cleanup. The scenes I did need to reorganize seem to be in much better places now and have led to some new scenes that help with transitions. I’m dealing with a speed bump in one of those transitions now in chapter 5. I think the next four chapters after that are pretty good save a bit of cleanup, so once I get past the speedbump everything after that should come pretty quickly. One of the coolest things is that I talked to my publisher and Natural Rebirth already has a placeholder to be published in 2017. Must be a good sign that my publisher liked my other work. It is definitely a heavy motivator to work on the novel knowing that I have that kind of support from my publisher. This may mean that I won’t do as much of the scheduled blogging as I planned due to the need to focus on writing, but to make up for it I might slip in a sneak peek. Keep y’all posted.

Writer’s Process Speedbump Update

This is been a rough couple of days this is been a rough couple of days. As I mentioned earlier this week I went to grab my map of the farm during a break from the Fae research I was doing, and come to find out the map is missing. It originally took me several weeks to that map. In about two days, with lots of hours invested scrolling through Natural Order to check location of buildings and landmarks to keep consistency, I have the overall map for the farm.

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Writing Tools #2: iPad and Marvin

I admit I wasn’t entirely sure what to focus on today, so I sent the message out to Lesfic Unbound to see what tech folks there just can’t live without as writers, and as readers. I got a couple responses so far, and I’m sure more will come in later. One person they gave me an interesting answer I want to share from Fletcher DeLancey, author of The Chronicles of Alsea series. If you like sci-fi, I recommend you check her stuff out.

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Writer’s Process-Speed Bumps

Sometimes when are working on a project, or preparing to start a project, you come across those all annoying speedups. It could be a lost file, forgotten resource, any number of things that bring what you had planned on working on to a screeching halt. I know some people what across the speed bumps and give up on the project. I would not be one of those people. I have a rather strong stubborn streak, a passion for problem-solving, and a general need to fix shit when it goes wrong.

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Guardian Circle Recipes – Homemade Ginger Soda and Anti-Nausea Lollipops

I thought what might be kind of interesting is gathering up the foods mentioned the stories I write and sharing recipes so people can try to make them at home. I noticed not long after I started writing that I have a tendency to to mention food a lot in my stories. I figure what I’ll do on days I don’t really have anything else planned, is share a recipe or two along with a section from the story it was mentioned in. This first one comes from Natural Order, out of the very first chapter when Orion is driving Beth to the farm for the first time.

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