Throwback Thursday: Freedom

I haven’t written poetry is a super long time. This is a poem from autumn of 2004. I ran across it doing some paper purging today and found it suited my most recent mood quite well. This is the first time I’ve shared this poem publicly.

Spin and whirl, cry out in frenzy
I dance the wild dance of chaos
Peace and war come from the darkness
I am entropy, the dark mistress of time

I am the end and the beginning
Burn and grow, death and life
I hold my death child in my womb
Silent stalker, gentle comfort

Wrath and vengeance, nothing and all
My children’s pain and anger fill me
None that violate me and mine shall escape
As the blood of the wicked cover my blades, I smile

Primal scream, loud and long
Feel it, be it, let it go
The time is me and I have come
Free us
Free us
Destroy it and live again

Come join me and understand
Freed from fear and board anew

A New Day at the Hearth

I know I’ve been quiet for a while, but it felt like for a long time I was posting but nobody was listening, or at the very least nobody was responding. I didn’t know if I was talking about things people weren’t interested in, or if people were reading and didn’t have anything to say, or what was going on. It was a very lonely feeling and made me not want to visit the blog too much. After my last post running a contest and getting no response whatsoever, I just stop posting. I didn’t see the point.

A lot is going on since then, unfortunately not much of it involving writing (especially with my desktop computer still being down-been a year now. Seems it has a fried motherboard). I decided it was time to come back to the blog. I still don’t know what people want to hear about, but I like sharing knowledge and nothing else this could become a place for me to journal. Not only would that be a way for me to remind myself of the things I’m learning as well as share that knowledge, but it’s also a way for people who might want to know about who Moondancer really is to see for themselves.

For this reason I decided to take away the limit I was putting on myself about talking about political or more controversial topics for fear it would cause people to judge me or make people uncomfortable. This is who I am. I am a vocal activist. I’m a social justice warrior and proud use that term. Not everybody’s gonna like what I have to say. I feel like too many people in this world go through life doing everything possible to feel comfortable. No one learns a damn thing through comfort. We all have messed up things we’ve learned through our lives that in the end serve someone else that doesn’t deserve that control over us. We all have biases that keep us from building strong relationships with people that are different from us. We have to get uncomfortable to really dig deep inside and see what old crap like that needs to be purged from our lives. I see too many people I care about suffering because other people have spent far too long with their head in the sand pretending everything’s okay. It’s not okay. In fact there’s shit going on just in America that is so far from okay it’s on another fuckin’ planet.

So yeah… Going to talk about it here. Gotta probably talk about some other stuff going on in my personal life, choices I made, that are probably going to piss some people off to. Oh well. I am willing to answer questions, I’m willing to explain myself if people are confused, but I will not apologize for doing what I believe is best for myself, my family, or my community. People can disagree with me all they want. I’m not always right. I am willing to look at other points of view long as long as they are presented in a respectful way (no mansplaining, whitesplaining, etc…) It’s a new day at the Hearth y’all. I hope to see you there.

“Cyber Monday” Contest

NaturalOrderStarting today and going through to the end of Sunday the 13th, I’m to have a contest for an ebook copy of Natural Order. To enter all you have to do is tool around the new website and comment here in this blog post with feedback. It can be something you liked, a mistake you found, or suggestions you have to make the site better (Just a heads up, I have yet to figure out how to get the search engine to work on the site, so no comments saying “the search engine doesn’t work”, because I know that, however if you happen to know how to get a search to work using Dreamweaver or just HTML code please let me know. Make sure you dumb the explanation down because I’m still learning this coding crap.).

This also includes if people want to explore the site and/or blog, and respond with feedback on both or either. On that Monday after (the 14th) I will put names in my hat, and will have my daughter bring in her new rat friends to choose 1-3 names from my hat to win an e-book (we have epub, mobi, and pdf formats). The number number of final winners I’ll be choosing from will depend on how many people proticipate over the week, so if you want more chances for people to win, then feel free to invite your friends to join in the fun. Good luck

November Musings – Nanowrimo and website update

As some of you know November 1 is the beginning of Nanowrimo. This means my posts during this month will be minimal if it all while I work on the revisions for Natural Rebirth (I have to deal with some writing speed bumps involving some rather important scenes, for example huge battle scene that is taking a lot of preplanning to figure out how to do well) I invite visitors at that time to peruse through the archives of the blog, especially the sections on the Fae that will be introduced in the novel itself. I have also updated the information on the Fae I added here, to the website itself (hoping the pages don’t look too cluttered, and that links work). Feel free to visit and let me know if there’s any problems on the site, especially with the new content I’ve added.

Starting in December (though I promise to continue working on the rough draft of Natural Rebirth) I will also be adding information on some of the research I’ve been doing (been working on for nearly a decade) of the YA (lgbt) fantasy series that has been poking me mercilessly lately to give it a lot more attention that I have been. It’s important to note that this series is it in a completely different world setting than anything else I’ve done within the Guardian Circle. I’m still debating whether or not I consider it part of the Guardian Circle itself because it’s so different in world setting, however, the ideology is similar enough in a lot of cases, as are the “morality lessons” I may consider it part of the Circle just on a different planet far, far away from our own, or maybe even an age on earth after the humans that exists here now are long dead and gone.

Thinking Thoughts: Monsters and Grieving

Every day, for several months now, my thoughts have been filled with disease; the invisible monsters that attack healthy, vital members of our families and our communities. Unstoppable monsters that seem to thrive on suffering and despair. Perhaps to many this seems an over dramatic point of view on the subject of disease, perhaps just my odd way of viewing the world we live in and the world as it connects to the stories I write. All these things may be true, but that is not stopped these thoughts from claiming so much of my mind that sometimes it’s hard to think of anything else.

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The Joy of Research: The Fae…Tree spirits

Tree spirits ~ when people think of tree spirits many immediately think of the Greek dryads, sometimes also called nymphs. Within the mythos of the Guardian Circle I have chosen one of the traditional ideas around dryads being related to only one particular tree and there being many other types of spirits for the other trees. In the same vein, nymphs within this world are now connected to the other types of nature spirits.

While devas are related to many elements of nature and are often seen in a small winged form, tree spirits (as well as water spirits) tend toward full-size human forms and do not have wings, nor do they fly. Tree spirits particular tend to either be bound to the tree they protect, or they are tasked to protect a territory such as a grove of trees or a particular forest. Those that are free to move around and are guardians of the whole area can be extremely dangerous when that which they protect is threatened.

(below are listed just a few, but more will be added as the research continues)

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The Joy of Research: The Fae…Water spirits

Water spirits ~ while similar to tree spirits in their humanoid form and lack of flight, some water spirits tend toward a darker intent when it comes to human interaction. While there are some water Fae who either avoid human contact or like interacting with humans, there are many others who actively seek to harm humans that enter their territory no matter the human’s intent for being there.

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The Joy of Research: The Fae… Will-o’-the-wisp

Will-o’-the-wisp ~ are atmospheric ghost lights seen by travelers at night, especially over bogs, swamps or marshes where they’ve hidden their treasure. It resembles a flickering lamp and is said to recede if approached, drawing travelers from the safe paths.

(Found a couple, but will be adding to the list at another time)

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The Joy of Research: The Fae… White Ladies

White ladies ~ There are stories of the white ladies all over the world. Some are malevolent, but in many cases if a person shows the right respect a white lady can in fact be very benevolent. They are usually well disposed to humans, and may help travelers find their way, aid women in childbirth, prophecy the future, make cows give milk, show miners rich veins of precious metal, turn pebbles into precious stones, and bestow wonderful gifts on their favorites. White ladies can also manifest near holy wells, streams, borders, or in fact any place that is sacred. Below are just a few examples of white ladies.

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The Joy of Research: The Fae… The Working Class: Brownies

Even in the most glamorized and powerfully magical societies there are still those who do the work that none of those in high society wishes to do. They are the ones that do the dirty jobs, they take on the backbreaking and even sometimes bloody tasks that no one else wants to sully their hands with. These Fae are also those, even more so than any other, work the closest around human society on a day-to-day basis. Their jobs are often thankless, their loyalty and devotion taken for granted by the Fae nobility, and while they do tend to have higher fertility rates the other Fae, they also have more finite lifespans in the whole. For these reasons they are often treated as expendable by the Fae royalty in times of war or hardships, with little to no voice over the choices made it affect their lives that of their families.

While there are many Fae working-class, one of the more numerous are the brownies. Pay particular attention to the Bwbach, for one of their kin may play an especially important role in the goings-on of Natural Rebirth.

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